Physicia contains 17 independent modules under top directory.
Physica is portable, therefore it does not need any installation process.

How to use
1. Unzip the
2. Open physicia/physicia.m with MATLAB, and run the script with "Changing folder".
3. If you want to directly run a specific module, move to the corresponding subfolder and run the script.

The modules in the Physicia directory are basically independent, but some modules have dependency on physicia/CommonFunction folder.
If you want to extract a specific module, it is recommended to locate physica/CommonFunction folder together.

PHYSICIA V2.00, Copyright ⓒ Department of Physics at POSTECH in Korea. All Rights Reserved.

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OrderModuleDescriptionPlatform dependency
OrderModuleDescriptionPlatform dependency
00 Physicia main (all modules) Main program of Physicia  
01 Nonlinear pendulum Nonlinear oscillation of forced damped pendulum  
02 Three body Motion of planet between two fixed stars  
03 Logistic map Dynamics and bifurcation structure of logistic map  
04 Random walk Several types of random walks  
04-1 Self-avoiding random walk Several algorithms for self-avoiding random walk 64-bit Windows or MacOS 
04-2 Diffusion-limited aggregation Growth of crystals by diffusion-limited aggregation 64-bit Windows or MacOS 
05 Chaos game Fractal patterns by chaos game  
06 Fractal growth Growth process by diffusion-limited aggregation and Eden model  
07 Sandpile Dynamics of 1-dimensional sandpile by cellular automata model  
07-1 Sandpile 2 Dynamics of 2-dimensional sandpile by cellular automata model  
08 Nonlinear networks Dynamics of nonlinear springs arranged in 1-dimensional lattice  
09 Entropy Thermal transfer and entropy increase by rolling dice  
09-1 Rolling dice Statistics of rolling dice  
10 Ising model 2-D Ising model by Monte Carlo simulation with Metropolis algorithm  
11 Epidemic spreading Epidemic spreading process of SIR and SIS types in 2-D lattice  
12 Network model Networks for Watt-Strogatz model and Barabasi-Albert model MATLAB 2015b or later 
13 Strange attractor Several types of attractors in the phase space  
Showing 18 items